We will hold our annual church meeting on Sunday, February 13. The purposes of this meeting include:

• Approving the annual budget: This is a “rollover” from previous years, and we are not actually spending the among budgeted, but we are legally required to approve it at a congregational meeting. If you need to ask questions about it, please contact the treasurer or pastor.
• Discussing our property on Camp Ernst Rd., including a potential building project.
• Sharing goals for the coming year. As we move forward in 2022, Dr. Adams has a prospectus concerning the tasks to which the church should commit itself. You can read a copy here. This is just one perspective, and is open to debate and conversation, but it represents a starting place. Please read it and share your thoughts, either at our Wednesday night meetings, during the meeting, or more directly by emailing Dr. Adams or contacting your fellow church members. Please note that this is designed to be a starting place for our conversation! Your voice really matters, and we want to hear from you. If you cannot attend a public meeting for some reason, please share your thoughts as you can and talk about these goals with others.

May God bless us as we attend to the church’s business for 2022.