The Way of Mission

The Way of Mission is something we practice each day, and though we never perfect it, it is always shaping our lives. The Way of Mission gives us ideas for how to practice missions daily, from subtle activities like mowing someone’s lawn to going on missions trips for others far away. Wherever your comfort zone is, The Way of Mission teaches us we can all make a difference.

CBF Kentucky

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Kentucky is a fellowship of churches and individuals in Kentucky that helps churches partner with each other and other organizations that share similar philosophies and goals; provides resources for churches and individuals to aid in their work; and encourages involvement in missions and ministries from local communities to globally.


The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky provides advanced theological studies and resources churches in their missions and ministries.

Together for Hope

We have a vision for a world where all people have access to food, housing, education, healthcare, meaningful work and a sustainable income. Our mission is working with others to make that vision a reality.

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